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Save Water With Every Flush

Updated: May 15, 2020

According to the WHO, an average person needs 3 litres of water for drinking, 4 litres for cooking, 20 litres for bathing, 40 litres for sanitation and 25 litres to wash vessels. India is left with about 100 litres of water saved per person!

Another study by the economic times says, that India has 17% of world’s population, but 4% of its freshwater resources. With just 1,544 cu m per-capita water availability, it is already water-starved. Nearly 600 million —half of the country's population — face high-to-extreme water stress. About 70 percent of our water is contaminated. By 2030, India’s demand for water is estimated to be double than the available water supply. (Read here)

We did a small experiment with a modern toilet (that has its flush tank outside the wall). Take a used bottle (1 litre or bigger, depending on the size of your flush tank). Fill it with water and simply slide it inside your tank.

In doing so, you save at least 1 litre of water with every flush. This means, considering if a person uses the restroom 5 times a day, each can save about 1500 litres of water every month!

In addition, we can also look at some alternative fixtures that monitor the flow of water during households chores, to help save a few litres with every activity are as follows:

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